Women over 50 …

You Know What You’re Supposed to Do to Feel Great and Look Young

I’ll Help You Actually do It


By combining my four passions: massage, nutrition, fitness, and financial freedom, I designed an easy to follow roadmap for myself that has worked so well that I now design roadmaps for women like you.


Find out how therapeutic massage can help you retain your youthful posture.


Paleo? Vegan? Something in between? I’ll help make sure you’re getting the right balance of nutrients.


Do you love running, walking, yoga? I’ll let you know if you’re doing what’s right for your body and where you may need a change.


Of course, nothing feels as good as knowing you have money in the bank. I’ll share my secret to having it all.

Tower Garden over a month.

Tower Garden over a month.

Tower Gardens

Learn more about how to grown your own food year-round, almost anywhere, and with no soil!

Juice Plus+

For a balanced diet, this whole food supplement has the nutritional benefits of 30 fruits and vegetables.