A new year full of new adventures. This is the year I finally get to sing 'when I'm 64'!   I have decided to become an ultra marathoner this year. And my focus is to inspire our team to greater heights.  Three big leaps.  What/where are you leaping?

I'd like to tell you a story... a story about a girl who grew up wanting to be a teacher, but also wanting to be a gramma.  How do these ideas get into a young persons head? That I cannot address, but I can address my dreams and passions.  I have definitely had my share and yes, they have changed over the years; some coming to fruition and others just no longer being of much importance nor holding the spark they once seemed to have. 

So am I a teacher? Not in the formal sense of being in front of a classroom full of students. But definitely in the sense of leading people interested in learning. 

Nothing excites me more than showing someone new cooking techniques or watching their face light up when trying a new food or recipe.  When the aah-ha moment happens because they just got their part in the spiritual and physical well-being of themselves. 

And yes I am a gramma. Being a gramma is everything I thought it would be and more. I was so lucky to have a grandmother who knew just how to be that special person for me. I am sure she was also that special person for my siblings, but that didn't matter because when I was with Gran, I felt like I was the only one in the room. It is what I strive for with my two grandkids, Carter and Alex. I love being with them and dreaming, imagining who and what they will be as they grow. 

In my leap year of expansion, I look forward to sharing my adventures.   Let's dream together! Even better, let's cook together, walk together, dive into better health together.  Look for it all right here!  And be sure to share your adventures with me throughout this blog.

susan wesley