'Spicy Nuts' Complete Energy Bites

2 cups GF oats
2 Tbsp millet
2 scoops vanilla complete
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp cinnamon
½ tsp ginger
½ tsp smoked paprika
½ tsp curry
1/8 red cayenne pepper
¼ cup raw pecans, chopped
¼ cup raw walnuts, chopped
2 Tbsp raw sunflower seeds
2 Tbsp raw pumpkin seeds, chopped
3 dates, chopped and pitted
1/3 cup almond butter (for nut-free use sunflower butter and double the seeds leaving the nuts out)
3 Tbsp water
¼ cup brown rice syrup + ¼ cup water

Combine all dry ingredients in large bowl.  Combine dates, water, almond butter and brown rice syrup in blender until smooth.  Pour date and almond mixture over the oat mixture and stir until well combined.   If too dry to form balls add 1 Tbsp water as needed.  If too sticky to form balls, refrigerate for 15-30 minutes.  Roll into balls and store in refrigerator or freeze!

susan wesley